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A Day at the Market


To bed at 2am after a long day.  Up at 6:30am.  Load up coolers, load up car.  Pick up partner in crime (so to speak).  Arrive at the Salem Public Market slightly before 8am.  Set up the display by 8:30am, which turned into a very nice rainbow fo colors.  Chatted with other vendors and learned a lot.  Sampled about three pints worth of Sauerchi between 9am and 1pm.  Said hi to dozens of people.  Helped make several sales for the Salem Food Co-op.  Bartered with other vendors.  Drank too much coffee.  Returned wired.  Put everything away.  Todo list followup.  CRASH.


The most memorable quotes from the day…a very engratiating and humbling reception!

(after first bite) Wow…oh my God!

You should be here every week.  You’ll be here next week, right?

[Do you want a receipt?]  No, I want a spoon!

I didn’t think I liked pickles for 49 years!


With Saueressen, you can eat the rainbow for all the health benefits it entails.  No food coloring added — it’s all from the ingredients themselves!  As flavorful as they are colorful, too!


Products and Labels and Tastings, oh my!

Summary: New menu, new products available, new labels and some scheduled appearances at the Salem Public Market courtesy of the Salem Food Cooperative.

My next announcement will probably concern opening my own online marketplace using the Open Food Source software.  Salem Food Cooperative is following suit, and they will have a similar announcement.  In the mean time, if you are interested in trying or buying, please email me.

Product Tastings

I will be at the Salem Public Market on Saturdays dong tastings and helping out the Food Cooperative wherever I’m able.  I will have extra on-hand for those who wish to take some home with them.

Current Menu

December 02, 2014 (you can find it via the navigation menu on the website)

Some of the veggies available

Final labels for the available products