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Pizza with Sauerchi

Day-old pizza.  What to do?  My dad loves it cold, straight out of the fridge.  Blech.  I like to reheat it, but none of that soggy microwave business.  Here’s what I do to give myself a fantastic taste and texture with enhanced nutrition without a noticeable increase in prep time:

  1. Preheat a well-seasoned iron frying pan on low
  2. Finely mince some fresh herbs (or use dried herbs or spices, whatever you have on hand).  I mince some sage, thyme and rosemary.  Sometimes with oregano.  I use a generous amount — the taste is sublime!
  3. Put the pizza in the frying pan (keep the temperature low), sprinkle the herbs over the pizza, douse with a bit of olive oil and black pepper and turmeric (black pepper and turmeric synergize to increase health effects).
    1. TIP:  if you have a hard time fitting two pieces, try cutting them in half lengthwise and arrange them in the pan alternating the direction of the crust.
    2. TIP:  Bend the tips up the side of the pan, since they cook fast anyway.
  4. Cover and fry/steam on low for a few minutes until the bottoms are crispy and the tops are melty.
  5. Remove and serve immediately with a few dollops of sauerchi.
  6. Eat up to the crust.  Save the crust for dessert.
  7. For dessert:  Tear the crust open and apart where it connected to the rest of the pizza (the part you just ate), to expose the soft insides, to create little mini breadsticks.
  8. Sprinkle liberally with cinnamon.
  9. Add some olive oil and balsamic vinegar to the plate or bowl.
  10. Dip the cinnamon-sprinkled crust in the oil and vinegar and enjoy!

Total prep time:  about 10 minutes.

Using this method, I enjoy day-after pizza more than the original!  It’s crunchy, melty, gooey, with added nutritional density to make up for the fact that it’s, well, pizza.  The sauerchi adds a great flavor and temperature counterpoint.  By saving the crust, I get a satisfying dessert as well.

This recipe fits under the principles of using leftovers as the “original fast food” as well as combining leftovers as ingredients in new meals.  In other words:  don’t just reheat — consider it an ingredient for something new.  If it’s a new concept, this recipe is a great first step in that direction.

Pro tip:  Sauces can have a dramatic impact on the rest of the pizza flavor.  If you make pizza from scratch, try using sauerchi as a pizza base substitute for tomato sauce.  Mix with yogurt or sauercream for a creamy base.  Although baking it kills the live cultures…yum!

How do you use your live-culture foods?  Write in and let us know!