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Saueressen Sightings: October 2014

Introducing a collection of Saueressen fan photos and reviews, straight from customers and other fans of fermented, live-culture foods!   We start with our launch in October 2014.  You can also find more on our Facebook page:  facebook.com/saueressen

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October 2014

“I don’t like kraut…but I like this!”

“I’m typically not a squash person, but this is pretty good”

“I don’t like eggplant. This can’t be eggplant.”

We bought one of everything that he has out right now and it’s amazing. One of my favorites is the Thanksgiving Cranberry Kraut. For anyone who enjoys gourmet sauerkraut, this one is awesome.

We are the lucky friends that got to preview the KaleChi. For anyone who likes Kale and is adventurous, this one is a winner. It has a tangy flavor that bounces off your taste buds. Per Abe, “I think it’s his best one yet.” Well, I rather enjoy them all so not willing to pick “one” winner. They are all winners.

Saueressen offers a variety of delicious, complex flavored fermented foods. A few of my favorites to date are the Thanksgiving Kraut (crunchy, tangy with a hint of sweetness from the cranberries), and the CBC Chi (mild flavor with a hint of ginger – yummy!).

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Saueressen in a nutshell

On request from Minto Island Growers, I made up a quick one-page info sheet that has the basics of Saueressen — what we do, how, and where we’re headed in the future.

You can preview it here: public_infosheet

Please let us know whether this helps answer questions you or others have about Saueressen.  Feedback always welcome!  Contact us

Fall 2014 Menu — September

Fall 2014 Menu_092714


*organic-practice farm-fresh ingredient

FOH = Fields of Hope Farm; MIG = Minto Island Growers; HG = Home Garden

Cold and Ready

Garlic Lovers’ Kraut [HG] *white cabbage, *daikon greens. Pesto: *radish root, *carrot, garlic

KaleChi [HG] *kale. Pesto: onion, apple, garlic

Coming Soon

HotHouse Pickles [HG] *hothouse cucumbers, *carrots, *dandelion (roots and greens). Spice Mix: *elephant garlic, mustard seed, FOH veggie brine

basil-mustard squash

basil-mustard squash

ZucchiniChi [FOH] *shredded yellow and green summer squash. Pesto: onion, MIG basil, ground mustard

cranberry sauce

cranberry sauce

Thanksgiving Cranberry Kraut #1 [HG] *white cabbage. Pesto: onion, cranberries (fresh and dried / sweetened; non-organic)

Several flavors of vinegars

In the Crocks

Basil-Ginger Beets and Cabbage

Basil-Ginger Beets and Cabbage

Basil-Ginger Beets [MIG] *red cabbage, *red beets. Pesto: onion, *basil, ginger

Dilly Beets [MIG] *red beets, *red cabbage. Pesto: *dill, onion, HG elephant garlic, mustard seed

Indian Cabbage [MIG] *white cabbage, *heirloom beets, *carrot. Pesto: onion, *cilantro, mustard, turmeric, cinnamon

Indian Broccoli [MIG] *broccoli, *carrots. Pesto: onion, *cilantro, ginger, cumin, turmeric, cinnamon, chile powder

Apple Catsup [HG] *apple, onion. Spice mix: TBA — likely rosemary, cinnamon, clove

Indian Eggplant

Indian Eggplant

Indian Eggplant [MIG] *eggplant. Pesto: onion, *cilantro, cinnamon, turmeric, cumin

Thanksgiving Cranberry Kraut #2 [MIG] *Red cabbage, *red beets. Pesto: cranberries (fresh and dried / sweetened; non-organic), *parsley, ginger

Rosemary-Ginger Carrots, Beets and Cabbage (CBC)

Rosemary-Ginger Carrots, Beets and Cabbage (CBC)

CBCChi [MIG] *white cabbage, *heirloom beets, *carrot. Pesto: ginger, HG rosemary, cinnamon

Balsamic-style vinegars