Our Process

Sauerchi:  Linguistically, it is a portmanteau of sauerkraut and kimchi.  Conceptually, we use it to mean the spirit or “life-force of fermentation,” which forms a core part of the Saueressen philosophy.  Practically, we use it to describe a cultural hybridization of western and eastern ingredients and techniques in the production of live-culture foods.  While it takes more effort, we think the results are worth it!

The Base:  These are the main ingredients of a Saueressen product.  Always local, always seasonal, always organic in practice (if not certified).

The Pesto:  If the Base is the heart of our ferments, then the Pesto is the soul.  Pesto means crushed in Italian.  We blend various fresh and dried herbs, spices, vegetables and fruits into a sauce to enhance and complement the flavor profile of the Base ingredients.  We source Pesto ingredients fresh, local, seasonal and organic when possible.

The process: We take stock of the blessing of ingredients from local farm partners, and create recipes that respect and enhance the food we work with.  As time goes on, we refine and select the best recipes to make room for new experiments and innovations.  We maintain direct relationships with our suppliers and our customers to deliver exceptional local products at fantastic prices.

Check back here for more information about existing and new product lines!


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