Stay-tuned as Saueressen evolves into a full-fledged artisan-owned cooperative delicatessen covering a variety of creatively-conceived live-culture foods.  We’ll post more profiles as more artisans join the effort.

Browse our Why Saueressen? section for a more in-depth look at the stories behind the Saueressen vision.

About ethan young

ethan walking barefoot in the garden of his youth

ethan walking barefoot in the garden of his youth

ethan founded Saueressen in 2014. He has lived his entire life in the Willamette Valley, and started organic gardening alongside his parents before he could walk. From this experience sprang interests in food justice, food security, food sovereignty, and preservation and preparation using appropriate technologies. As a result, he has spent half his life developing culinary and fermentation experience with whole, local fresh foods, and works as an advocate and activist for local food system development. He co-founded the Salem Food Cooperative in 2010, and developed a heritage yogurt culture in the year 1999 that he considers part of his family.  ethan enjoys working with local small farmers to maximize the value of their important contributions to community food security.


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