Saueressen Sightings: October 2014

Introducing a collection of Saueressen fan photos and reviews, straight from customers and other fans of fermented, live-culture foods!   We start with our launch in October 2014.  You can also find more on our Facebook page:

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October 2014

“I don’t like kraut…but I like this!”

“I’m typically not a squash person, but this is pretty good”

“I don’t like eggplant. This can’t be eggplant.”

We bought one of everything that he has out right now and it’s amazing. One of my favorites is the Thanksgiving Cranberry Kraut. For anyone who enjoys gourmet sauerkraut, this one is awesome.

We are the lucky friends that got to preview the KaleChi. For anyone who likes Kale and is adventurous, this one is a winner. It has a tangy flavor that bounces off your taste buds. Per Abe, “I think it’s his best one yet.” Well, I rather enjoy them all so not willing to pick “one” winner. They are all winners.

Saueressen offers a variety of delicious, complex flavored fermented foods. A few of my favorites to date are the Thanksgiving Kraut (crunchy, tangy with a hint of sweetness from the cranberries), and the CBC Chi (mild flavor with a hint of ginger – yummy!).

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