Delicatessen is a German word that means “delicious things to eat.”

In the United States, as European immigrants settled in their new home, primarily New York City, shops opened up to give these settlers a taste of home. Soon, a delicatessen came to refer to those places that sell all of those delicious things to eat!

Saueressen is a portmanteau of “sauer” (fermented) and “delicatessen” to denote a delicatessen that focuses specifically on fermented foods, especially those produced or served synergistically with one-another.

To us, Saueressen means farm-fresh fermented foods.  Saueressen distributes hand-made fermented foods to the community through a farm-to-fork network of transparent and trustworthy relationships. Saueressen artisans use time-tested techniques in innovative ways to create custom, affordable and nutritious live-culture foods from local ingredients.

Read more about the mission and values that drive Saueressen.


Our focus on community food security will primarily cover three perishable food categories: produce (fruits and veggies), and meat produced in certified nano-kitchens operated by a small cooperative network of fermentation artisans working in collaboration with local farmers.

Basically, a bunch of delicious, nutritionally-dense foods.

Contact us to inquire about products and services.


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